Driving with Selvi


“This is a story that can spark a change in someone’s life.”
Zainab Salbi, Founder, Women for Women International

“A powerful story and one of the most inspirational films. At the core of the story is anissue that is all-too prevalent in countries around the world, and that’sgender-based violence.…ultimately Selvi’s story is about hope and resilience...”
John Beed, U.S.Mission Director for India, USAID

“I think sharing this film is not just important in the Indian content. I think it’simportant to share in a global context to change the narrative around women asvictims.”
Kavita Ramdas, Country Representative, India, Ford Foundation

“What I've taken away from this extremely compelling film is the voice of Selvi, about herown sense of self-worth and her ability to build on that, and I think that isreally the foundation of development of any kind."
–Geetanjali Master, Advocacy and Communications Specialist, UNICEF India

“A powerful documentary about hope and empowerment driven by the protagonist’sdetermination to overcome her own bleak past, Selvi will inspiredisenfranchised women around the world to find economic autonomy and freedom in the face of adversity.”
– RichardBale, Former Consul General for Canada, Mumbai

“Selvi is such an inspiration for women around the world who feel that they don't have anoption or have to deal with such difficult circumstances.”
– Kiran Rao, Director/Producer

“We support this visually arresting film, first and foremost because Elisa is a great filmmaker, but also because the film speaks to a very generous collaboration between the filmmaker and subject Selvi, whose story and own voice is going todo a tremendous amount towards girls empowerment.”
– Wendy Ettinger, Co-Founder, Chicken & Egg Pictures

"Selvi and this film will inspire a generation of women to create their own destinies."
– LinaSrivastava, Social Impact Strategist