Driving with Selvi


Director / Producer / Cinematographer

Elisa Paloschi is a documentary director, producer, cinematographer and photographer who is drawn to stories with a human voice. She is President of Eyesfull, a Toronto- based independent production company dedicated to making non-fiction documentaries with social relevance that reflect the diversity of the human condition. With more than 20 years’ experience in every aspect of documentary production, Elisa has taken her camera into the Roma camps of Palermo, the depths of the Coral Sea in Australia, and the breathtaking landscapes of Karnataka, to name just a few. Her work has been screened at festivals in Germany, Italy, Greece, and Canada, and broadcast on numerous Italian television stations. She completed her latest feature documentary, Embracing Voices: The Woman Behind the Music of Jane Bunnett, in 2012.


With a career spanning over two decades, David Kazala has edited many outstanding documentaries including The World Before Her (2012),Lone Twin (2011), Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of ServiceLove at the Twilight Motel (2009) and Diamond Road (2007). His worked has appeared at numerous festivals and on television around the world, including for History Television, CBC, U.K. Channel 4, and PBS Frontline.


Mahi Rahgozar is a film editor profoundly dedicated to her work, with an impeccable sense of story and relentless eye for detail. She graduated from Denmark’s world-renowned National Film School in 2001. Mahi has since edited a number of award winning Danish films, starting with the short comedy This Charming Man, which won an Oscar in the “Best Short Live Action” category at the 2002 Academy Awards. She moved to Toronto, Canada, in 2008, where she continues to nurture her passion for editing good stories.


Ken Myhr has spent the last 25 years writing music for more than 100 award-winning documentary, dramatic, series and feature films. He creates music showcasing a broad range of musical influences including orchestral, world beat, rock, jazz and electronica. His recently completed work includes two theatrical feature docs, The World Before Her and Herman’s House, which have won numerous awards at festivals worldwide, and he received a 2014 Canadian Screen Award nomination for the latter. He’s also received many other Canadian Screen Award/Gemini Award nominations, and a 2007 Golden Sheaf Award for best original music.


Daniel Pellerin has worked extensively in sound and music post production for the past 36 years, including working on more than 100 feature documentaries, such as The World Before Her and Herman’s House, as recording engineer and re-recording mixer, sound design and music supervisor and editor. He has mixed all of Atom Egoyan’s 15 feature films, including his latest feature dramas The Devil’s Knot and The Captive, and also the Oscar-nominated The Sweet Hereafter. In 2014, he was in Poland at ALVERNIA Studios, overseeing and supervising sound design, music editing and the mixing of MIASTO 44, one of the highest budget productions in Europe at the time.


Associate Producers

Julia Morgan
Shasha Nakhai