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January 2016 Newsletter

Hello Friends,

It's been a whirlwind of a year (from Toronto to Amsterdam to Mumbai and back again) with so much news, but so little time. So for now, we'd like to share where we'll be screening next (check our screening page for updates) and welcome those of you new to the list. With much more soon.

And for those of you in India, if you'd like to hear about the developments in our audience engagement campaign, or become a partner, please email to set up a meeting with Elisa in Mumbai or Bangalore from Feb. 7th.

14th 12:00pm Victoria Film Festival
18th TBA FLO Festival Mumbai (early afternoon - Elisa & Selvi attending)
25th 7:00pm Kingston Canadian Film Festival Opening Night Tickets Here (Elisa & Special guest attending)
27th 7:30pm Wakefield International Film Festival
28th 4:00pm Wakefield International Film Festival (Elisa & Special guest attending)
2nd 5:30pm Frauen Film Tag Vienna
4th 4:00pm Women's Film Festival Vermont
5th 3:00pm Salem Film Festival (Elisa attending)
8th TBA Atlanta Film Festival (Elisa attending)
More festivals coming soon, including screenings in Greece and Finland.


As a tiny indie production company, we rely on people like you to get the word out about the film. Please like us on facebook, follow us on twitter and post about the film, share this email and ask your friends to subscribe to this email list.


We'd like to thank you for supporting the film in so many ways. There have been donations for Selvi's travel and the Indian screening series through Indiegogo and in the mail. Strollers, snow suits and toys lent and gifted to Selvi. Meals delivered and shared Indian style on the floor. Translations, interpretations and graphics designed like this banner. Brainstorming sessions and sage advice. Pots of soup, parties hosted,money raised, friends made, and through all of this, a deep connection to the film and the girl/woman in front of the camera. Your kindness is so appreciated.

Best wishes

Elisa, and the team at Driving with Selvi headquarters

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